Lush vegetation, oceanfront grounds, year-round temperature: the Dominican Republic’s Corales Golf Club, designed by the famous architect Tom Fazio, is the perfect choice for the PGA Tour.


This 18-hole course has been selected to host the PGA Tour for four consecutive years, after two years in the Tour, “I always knew the Corales Golf Club would be something special. The course offers one of the best golf experiences in the world, boasting breathtaking views, and premier facilities. Guests can almost walk from the airport to the course, playing a round of golf immediately after they land!”, said M.Fazio.


At the Corales Golf Club, the surrounding infrastructures stand out, but the natural environment is the key element. According to Mr. Fazio: ” The course was carefully designed with the wind in mind, as it is much windier than other courses in the region”. The game is worth the candle for the architect who points out that “Playing a round of golf along the cliff edges and the crashing waves is an unforgettable experience found perhaps on only a handful of golf courses in the world.”


Tom Fazio takes this honour as an opportunity to give advice on how to best pass the famous “Devil’s Elbow,” which ends the Corales course: “As simple as it sounds: don’t let the beauty of the course distract you. Focus on your blade, your position and points A to B, to C, to D, etc. As gorgeous as the course is, the oceanfront views and delightful winds may make you lose concentration!”.


“Golf is a critical area of ​​tourism in the Dominican Republic,” said Cosette Garcia, Director of the Dominican Republic’s Tourism Board in Montreal. “Our courses offer a paradisiacal backdrop for golfers, but the sights extend to more than just the courses. From water sports to wellness treatments and gastronomy, the Dominican Republic offers a wide range of activities surrounded by breathtaking views vacationers always enjoy”.


That’s what Tom Fazio likes about this destination: “I always recommend Punta Cana as a golf destination. Plus, the Dominican Republic is home to several Major-League Baseball greats. Whether you are a golfer, a baseball fan or simply looking for a relaxing vacation, Punta Cana is the perfect place to visit.”


In addition to luxurious golf courses, the Dominican Republic has a long-standing reputation for its high-class facilities, beautiful beaches, and rich history. “Golf is a great way to reach Quebecers,” says Garcia, “and for a common passion, we can forge stronger links! “.