No matter what type of vacation you are looking for, there are lots of different ways to travel. And, each of these ways offers its own advantages… all you need to do is figure out what kind of golfer/traveller you are!


For many, getting away with friends for a week is the best way to recharge. If this comes in the form of a golf getaway, comfortable accommodations—condos are especially popular—and quality golf courses are both essential. You’ll want to be able to enjoy a good challenge and a good time with friends… and a few party-filled nights (as long as you can get to bed at a decent time; after all, you have to hit the course nice and early the next day!)

Suggested destinations: Dominican Republic, Mexico and the U.S. (Tucson, Orlando, Mesquite and Myrtle Beach).


Playing golf is a great opportunity to spend time with your better half and travelling is the perfect escape. It is therefore no surprise that golf vacations are so popular with couples. Adults-only hotels and exotic destinations rank high for this type of trip. You’ll enjoy beautiful golf courses and fabulous cultural visits in your free time, without forgetting the excellent restaurants and entertainment available at your hotel.

Suggested destinations: Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Dominican Republic and Mexico.


Single or the first one in your circle of friends to retire? Still want to travel while optimizing costs during your stay? Then this is the perfect way to travel! Still relatively unknown, pairing with another traveller is simple, beneficial and economical. So, how does it work, you ask? We simply put your name on the list for the group you are interested in joining after gathering some basic information from you (smoking or non-smoking, age, etc.). When a similar request is made to us, we put you in contact with the other person and, if everything works out, you will have a travel partner. Popular with men and increasingly coveted by women, pairing is a great way to enjoy a vacation with people who share similar passions and interests.

Suggested destinations: Every single destination for which we offer group departures.


For a stress-free vacation, we suggest one of our group departures. This very popular approach meets a huge and ever-growing demand. We will take care of all the details before, during and after your stay. Our seasoned guides are committed to ensuring that your trip goes smoothly and that you enjoy a lot of extras you would not have access to otherwise: friendly competitions, casual cocktail hours, group dinners, golf clinics and more. And, don’t think these group getaways are only for super competitive golfers—quite the contrary! The atmosphere on these vacations is friendly and relaxing, and you’re more than likely to make a whole lot of new friends!

Suggested destinations: Discover our guided group departures on our Website or in our golf magazine.


Thinking about taking a group trip, but prefer to leave with friends, colleagues or family? Nothing could be easier. Just let us know what your private group needs and wants, and we will suggest the best destinations. You’ll also enjoy the same benefits as our regular groups—attractive rates and all-inclusive type advantages. A minimum of 12 participants is required for a private group. Want to be the organizer of your own private group? We are always looking for good organizers who could potentially become group leaders. As such, you could also have the opportunity to enjoy our familiarization trips at a very low cost and discover new destinations for your next vacations. Just let us know!

Suggested destinations: All of the destinations included on


These departures, guided by professionals, have the added bonus of providing intense training, smaller golfer/pro ratios (1 pro for every 7 golfers), range balls included and access to the practice facilities of the different courses visited.

Suggested destinations: All our groups accompanied by Jerôme Blais with VIP teaching program


Is your inner globetrotter looking to combine your passion for golfing with your love of travel? Combine several destinations in the same stay, discover different types of courses (classic, desert, etc.) and alternate your golfing days with cultural or recreational visits. The American West is the quintessential vacation, where quality courses abound and attractions are beyond immeasurable–think Vegas and the wonders of nature offered by the many national parks. Several European destinations also lend themselves well to this type of travelling.

Suggested destinations: Morocco, Portugal, Spain and the U.S. (Tucson, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, San Diego, Sedona, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and numerous national parks).

So, with all of these possibilities, have you managed to identify your preferred travel style yet? If so, grab your clubs and get ready to head off on your dream vacation. We’re waiting for you!

The Gendrongolf Team