Hong Kong

Picture a land beyond all preconceived notions; a land encompassing lush tropical rainforests, towering snow-covered mountains, roaring rivers and wild rapids. It is also a land of breathtaking rice terraces, unspoiled rural villages and placid lakes to soothe the soul. And yet, it is also a land of skyscraping cities, luxury hotels and wonderful restaurants.

While honouring a past as revered as Confucius, China stands proudly in the new millennium. The building boom of the past decade has reshaped the urban landscape to 22nd century standards. China’s transportation system is today a modern, ultra-efficient network of air, rail and highway systems. Travel from one destination to another has never been easier or more comfortable. China proved its appeal with record-breaking numbers of visitors from all over the world, including North America, Japan, Europe and Australia.

Throughout this vast land, from the snow caps of the Himalaya to the sweep of the Yangtze River, from the exotic Taklimakan Desert to the tribal hills of the southwest, there is no end to exploration. The continuing thread is the human landscape, the friendliness, hospitality and curiosity of ordinary Chinese people.

Whether your notion of adventure is discovering an ancient civilization, hiking the mountains, taking a slow boat on a long river or dining on 5,000 years of gastronomic experience, the legendary “Middle Kingdom” makes a modern Marco Polo of everyone.

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March 16 21
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