Mesquite | St.George, NV

Combine Mesquite to Sedona, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Tucson or the national parks within the same trip.


An oasis in the middle of nowhere

By Carol Leduc, Gendrongolf group leader


Grand Canyon National Park in Nevada, and Zion National Park in Utah are located in two of the least populated areas in the U.S. And yet, in the middle of nowhere, right in the heart of this breathtaking desert landscape, they managed to build some of the most beautiful golf courses around.

To get to Mesquite, Nevada and then onward to St. George in Utah, we first hopped on a flight to Las Vegas. Of course, there are tons of great courses to choose from in Vegas itself (Gendrongolf offers lots of options to help you plan a Vegas trip), but our goal was to try out certain spectacular courses located a little farther east, about an hour’s drive from Vegas, close to the border that separates the two states.

After settling into our quaint little Mesquite hotel, we looked forward to our adventure. Every day, we would set out, making our way to our destinations. As we drove on, the scenery would blend together in shades of brown, ochre and black—until, seemingly out of nowhere, out would pop an emerald green golf course! It surprised us every time! The contrast of the bright emerald green against the dark landscape was truly spectacular.

I discovered a few courses that I absolutely fell in love with during this trip. First, a few in Mesquite: both courses at the Oasis Golf Club (the Palmer and the Canyons), the Conestoga Golf Club and the Wolf Creek Golf Club. The surroundings were so surreal, it almost seemed like I was standing on the moon! Obviously, target golf is the style of choice in these parts as you will sometimes have to get across 175–200 yards of desert brush before making it to the fairway. Luckily, there are several elevated tees tucked away in the mountain. I have to say, we were pretty thankful for those!

On the other side of the border, about 45 minutes from Mesquite, you’ll find equally breathtaking courses in St. George. The Coral Canyon Golf Club is a must-see and the 27 holes at the Sand Hollow Resort, with its red sand traps, should definitely top your list.

With Gendrongolf, the choice is yours. You can focus solely on either of the two destinations, or enjoy the winning combination of Mesquite and St. George. With a direct flight to Las Vegas, it couldn’t be easier.

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Golf courses Accommodations
Month Min. Max.
January -4 12
February -1 16
March 2 19
April 7 23
May 12 29
June 17 35
July 22 39
August 21 37
September 17 33
October 11 27
November -1 18
December -3 13