Palm Springs, CA

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 The Hollywood life

By Yvan Beauchemin, Golf Pro at Royal Quebec Golf Club


As you approach the first tee, you may very well feel a little weak in the knees once you realize that you are about to drive that first ball on one of the most prestigious golf courses in the world. The only thing missing is the red carpet!

Of course, the Hollywood glitz and glam isn’t too far away. After all, you are in Palms Springs—one of the trendiest and most glamorous suburbs in Los Angeles. Set in the heart of the desert, a two-hour drive from LAX, Palm Springs has gradually expanded over the years as several Hollywood stars moved in and decided to call it home.

As you drive along the desert roads that wind through the rocky hillside, Palm Springs will come to life in various shades of pink, purple and white. The downtown core is simply beautiful, with its sunny terraces, trendy restaurants and luxury boutiques.

Where golfing is concerned, the choice of courses is seemingly endless and the vast majority are among the most renowned—the five courses at La Quinta Resort & Club, the Indian Wells Golf Club, Classic Club Golf and SilverRock Golf Resort, to name but a few.

What’s amazing about these courses is that they are all of the highest quality. Despite being in the desert, each and every play area within these courses is admirably well irrigated and the surfaces are perfectly manicured and maintained. The grass is exquisite. Believe me when I tell you that every single blade of grass is perfectly aligned with the next. Let Gendrongolf book you the very best Palm Springs has to offer. I guarantee you’ll love it.

One quick tip to keep in mind before you go: as the morning humidity drops, your ball will tend to travel a little farther. I can’t count how many times I watched my opponents fall short on the first nine only to drive it too far on the second. Nothing to worry about, though. Armed with this essential bit of information, you’ll play like a pro!

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Golf courses Accommodations
Month Min. Max.
January 4 21
February 6 22
March 8 26
April 11 31
May 14 34
June 18 39
July 18 39
August 22 41
September 19 39
October 14 33
November 8 26
December 5 21